Echoes of the Holocaust
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Contents, Issue No. 1, April 1992

S. Robinson, R. Netanel and J. Rapaport
Reactions of Holocaust Survivors to the Gulf War and SCUD Missile Attacks on Israel

S. Robinson and H. Dasberg
The Effects of the Treblinka Testimonies in Jerusalem 1987 on Patients and Therapists

Judith S. Kestenberg
Children of Survivors and Child-Survivors

Milton Kestenberg
The Healing Power of Creativity

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Contents, Issue No. 2, April 1993

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Dan G. Hertz
Heinrich Zvi Winnik: Profile of a Pioneer Israeli Researcher of the Holocaust
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L. Eitinger
The Aging Holocaust Survivor
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Judith S. Kestenberg and Milton Kestenberg
Organized Persecution of Children by Nazis
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S. Robinson, M. Rapaport-Bar-Sever and J. Rapaport
Child Survivors of the Holocaust: Their Present Mental State and Coping - A Preliminary Report
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Haim Dasberg
How Psychotherapists Cope With Their Patients' Trauma
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J. Lansen
The Second Generation: Dutch Examinations and Professional Care
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Contents, Issue No. 3, July 1994

Ludwig Haesler
Survivors and Their Offspring in Post-War Germany
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Shalom Robinson, Michal Rapaport-Bar-Sever and Sara Metzer
The Feelings of Holocaust Survivors Towards Their Persecutors
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Judith S. Kestenberg
The Diary from the Ghetto in Krakow
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Judith Hemmendinger
The Children of Buchenwald: After Liberation and Now
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Rami Aronzon [text not available]
Psychotherapy of a Child Survivor of Theresienstadt

Martin Wangh [text not available]
Book Review


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